Its not a “goodbye,” its a “see you later.”

Hey Guyss, 

So Im going to be an incoming freshman in college and these past few weeks I spent my time packing and hanging out with friends. The goodbyes that I have gone through were so difficult…like how do you say goodbye to people who have been there for when you needed the most?! I have no idea and I suck at these things! The whole experience of packing up my room and helping my friends pack up theirs is so weird because I don’t think we digested the fact that we’re not going to be in these rooms getting ready for prom or homecomings anymore. The next time we’re here all together will be thanksgiving or Christmas not tommorow or the next week. That’s actually really upsetting! 

   But the aspect of college and living away from home is so thrilling at the same time and I couldn’t be more excited to start a new chapter in my life!